When rubbing a high gloss finish to remove over spray, orange peel, or as in repair to renew a gloss, I some times see scratch patterns through the shine. What causes this?

If you started the job with fine sand papers, and skip grades, you can leave sand paper scratch patterns behind that the compounds can't remove. If you start with 400 grade, go next to 600 grade, and then to 1200 grade before moving on to the compounds. If you're not familiar with "Micro Mesh" sand pads, check them out, as they are made for working up high gloss finishes in spot repair work. They are a must for polyester finish repair. It's also possible, when working through a series of compounds, that you start with an aggressive grade and skip lesser aggressive grades before going to a polishing grade for the high gloss. That would be apparent if you see swirl patterns through your gloss.